Also, after the muffler is installed, it might take 500-1000 miles before you really hear how it’s going to sound. It is louder in lower RPMs, esp inside the cab. I have the new 2013 Toyota Rav 4 with a 4 cylinder. In the course of further online research, I found a neat exhaust size calculator: See for more info. Anyone who says that is either a dealership employee or absurdly paranoid. If you want to increase fuel economy, I’d suggest an air intake, synthetic oil (less friction), highway tires (also less friction), and removing accessories (mud flaps, bug deflectors, racks, etc.) Chris – Straigh pipes and/or cutting a muffler off may or may not boost fuel economy. Fred – A bolt-on catback system designed specifically for your vehicle is best, provided the manufacturer offers dyno charts to prove hp and torque gain. Not to mention that you’ve got an extra 3% of power when you need it (like while towing or hauling), or the fact that your truck will sound a lot meaner too. Cheers! If you’re looking for ways to get more power out of your truck, I’d start with a diesel engine tuner, and then I’d look at a downpipe. If that would be the case, I’m guessing I would need a variable resister put on the O2 line? thanks. Or would cutting the muffler cause a decrease in mpg and power? This will help you make sure you work with an exhaust shop that understands tuning. Any thoughts? Use of trademarks is done on a fair use basis and without This page is an awesome resource for this subject! Second, do not rely on the calculated mileage estimate. I just did an axle-back swap from stock to a DC Sport muffler. Just go with the setup recommended by Greddy (or whomever you’re buying your parts from) and call it good. “lock up” their engine computer interfaces, which makes it hard for after-market tuners. Also, a 3 inch system is almost certainly overkill for your CX9. Thanks. . 49mpg is impressive in any vehicle. So, it depends. . Read what it said about exhausts on small cars Source: TJ – Strictly speaking, you may see a gain in fuel economy by adding a louder exhaust setup, a louder intake, and an after-market chip. Honda/Acura. I got the idea of longer manifolds increasing low-end torque from a combination of, and a whole lot of other pages which I don’t remember. It’s not *if* it’s going to hurt your injectors and fuel system, it’s *when*. How effective (audibly) are silencers when used on high-flowing mufflers and do they detract from the performance? If you throw some long-tube headers on, you’ll get better performance above 4,000 RPM. Shipping - If you value fast, low-cost shipping, this is the store for you. and before you ask yes i do have the tires properly inflated…LOL. I have a 09 Jeep Wrangler that I installed an AirAid intake on and my mpg went from 17 to 19. Hah! David – No. jacob – Generally, adding a glasspack to a 4-banger sounds bad. Any ideas? Now I am averaging 16.5 on the highway at very bust. This improves efficiency, and that means the engine suddenly has a little more power. Yazmin – Probably won’t make much difference either way. What’s important is that you choose the right size and material. Any advice on what kinds I should get? See this post for more info: It’s louder at lower speeds, while accelerating esp inside the cab. If so will I be getting more or less mpg? A little late here but im about to throw in a flow master super 44 cat back dual out on my 98 ford expedition 5.4 330 how much power & mpg will I get? If you’re doing it to save money, it’s not a good return on investment. Thanks for your input and time Some drone may be at low RPM, and some my be at higher RPM; each engine has it’s own character, and drone is a part of that. I would recommend a set of performance mufflers if you’re looking for sound, and if you’re looking for better gas mileage, I’d probably look at an after-market air filter and an engine tuner…exhaust doesn’t make a huge difference in fuel economy. Okay so I own a 99 Lincoln Signature touring series town car. Our products are in stock and ready to ship right now, so you'll receive your new RSX parts fast. Thanks Jason. Have you checked out your tuner options? Any change could negatively impact fuel economy and performance, so I’d just “fake” it and call it good. Once you’ve purchased these things, you can use an after-market tuning system to maximize power. i have a 2000 kia sportage automatic 4 cylinder. However, since it’s my wife’s car, it’s a little annoying to her, being a bit loud. So I have a 2004 audi a4 1.8t turbo Quattro and was planning to get a magnaflow exhaust system, and was wondering how much more mpg will that give me? I have a Mazda 3 1.6 L activematic. If you bought a cat-back system specifically for your 07′ Civic, you might just be noticing a drop in fuel efficiency due to the time of year (assuming you’re in North America, where winter fuel mixtures are different and 5-10% less efficient). I’d suggest you look into a downpipe…that’s one of the best bolt-on parts you can add to a turbocharged vehicle, at least in terms of performance. Having said that, I’d cruise the WRX forums for a boutique brand that offers a cat-back exhaust system and a new downpipe…I’ve seen some impressive performance improvements on a WRX with those add-ons. Magnaflow, Dynaflow? The stock exhausts are fairly free flowing, as are the stock intakes, and the engine programming is tilted to that purpose as well. Living in New England, corrosion resistance is important, so I’ve been investigating stainless exhausts. that make your truck less aerodynamic. Most of the tuned cat-back systems should have a small (but positive) impact. Still, if you’re trying to squeeze all the efficiency out of the engine, it will help…maybe 1 or 2 mpg. Which exhaust should I get? Yee – Generally speaking, long-tube headers reduce low-end performance. Will I Gain More Horsepower With An Exhaust System? Would appreciate any feedback. Would it be bad for a fuel injected car. hey jason, looking to spend no more than 300 bucks? Along with a K&N air filter. On a 2000, 2-4 years is a long time. If you put too much oil on, it can coat the mass air flow (MAF) sensor and cause a check-engine warning. If you go with stainless, you’ll all but have to get an aftermarket system. You might pull it off and take a look. All new after market parts installed, and wow now my car runs quiet as a cat! All rights reserved. DO NOT BUY THESE!! you dont buy a civic hybrid if you want to go fast. It’s only worth messing with an exhaust when you’re going to get power or cool sound. True? It could went up to 500km per tank, now i can only go around 450 or less. These are all good tricks for increasing gas mileage. This time, I’d like to ask about my ’07 R56 MCS (Mini Cooper S – Turbo. All of the systems I’ve found thus far are 2.5” diameter, and seemed to be offered at that size for everything from 2.3 fours up to the 4.0 V6, so I’m concerned that this would actually be larger than optimal to improve economy and maintain low-end torque. I’d guess colder weather (and a cold weather fuel mix) based on the time of year (and assuming you’re in the Northern hemisphere). This is the best website to order from.they have the best products and very good customer service. how much would just cutting the mufflers off and adding straight sections of pipe increase or decrease my fuel efficiency? I’m satisfied with its modest stock <120ish horsepower and 140ish torque output, but working to improve fuel economy as much as I can. Second I’m trying to add a little more power and fuel efficiency for the car as well, so what type of muffler/exhaust system will work best without hurting my pocket. Hi changed the catalytic converter on my Toyota camry 1997 v6 I realized a slight loud sound. Anyway, many people here have asked about exhaust drone; which is a sound frequency that is produced by internal combustion engines when under constant load, and at given engine speeds. Hi Jason, and what about branches added as well ? I get 12-14 mpg and wanting to increase mpg and a little performance, also. Daniel – Sorry, no idea. . . Mazdas are sensitive due to the nature of their proprietary Skyactive engine technology. You responded to my question regarding my 2011 Dodge Ram. Just installed a airaid system on my 2011 f250 gas .I get about 2.3 miles per gallon more when the truck is empty.i also pull a trailer that’s about 10000 pounds. You can buy a lot of gas for $1,000, and the extra power won’t make a huge difference in most situations. The last thing I need is to have CEL or spending the money just to have it run poorly. , am burning a lot of fuel what is the best muffler system can i used to held .it as a muffler system straight from manifold to a cherry bomb them comes a 2’pipe to a drum then to a double tail pipe, Rodger – Is there a question in here? I discovered that the right side tip and muffler (damaged) are pushed in (backed into something?) 1) Technically, some states/localities have laws regarding muffler deletes and/or exahsut mods. The retail price for our C5 S-Type exhaust has increased accordingly. Unless you’re replicating the design of a tuned system, you risk hurting performance. Great article, thank you. If you don’t use that extra power to go faster and drive the exact same way you did before, you’ll see a 3% improvement in fuel economy. CJ – No idea on fuel economy, but most good exhaust manufacturers will provide dyno data to show how their exhaust systems improve upon the vehicle’s performance. I had to bend and twist part of the metal brackets to even get the lights to mount properly to the bumper. Tuners are a different story. Donnie – That’s pretty good – +2mpg is big as a percentage!! Got a 1999 Nissan Altima. I’m looking for the most available MPG. Hi Jason, The oil is perfectly applied at the factory – there’s no chance that excess oil will get sucked up into the engine and coat the MAF sensor. Why we're the leader in RSX Performance Parts ... - You'll find over 5,814 RSX parts - for every style and budget. Single exhaust systems tend to be a little better for torque. Instead, it’s the emissions equipment itself (particularly the diesel particulate filter) that’s the restriction. Or put the stock muffler back on. Will an exhaust system improve gas mileage? You could replace the O2 sensor to try and get a little boost in a specific range, but it makes far more sense (IMHO) to make this adjustment by tuning the ECM. Thank you Jason. CJ – Probably wouldn’t have much of an impact. Long tubes increase exhaust velocity, but that’s not really a good thing on most engines between idle and 3500 RPM (or so). For more information on Honda/Acura please visit Still, 1-2 mpg is possible. I want to put a new muffler/exhaust on my car. However, if it was me, I would think about less aggressive tread on my tires, make sure I had an after-market air filter or air intake, and invest in a programmer/tuner that had a fuel saving mode. I’ll change it back with the stock muffler if I don’t feel comfortable. Vince – 3-5% of base rated HP with a new, performance after-market system. Looking forward to your advice. – Some people have had success using this weird little device called the “fuel doctor”, including a Tundra owner named Toby –, Mostly, however, the best way to boost fuel economy is to get something that gets better gas mileage. I have chsnged the plugs, the air cleaner and purged the injectors. Thus, I’d probably focus my attention in other areas – specifically, driving with more emphasis on fuel conservation – as that will get you more impact. Due to that there was a louder noise emanating from the engine or below my car. I have changed the rear box of my exhaust, will this give a better Fuel Economy? A dual 1.75″ or 2″ system is a better fit…go too big and you’ll ruin low-end performance (and fuel economy). i have a 93 mustang fully built high compression 306 cold air 73mm maf and tb headers catless exhaust with flowmasters i get 8mpg highway im gona take a guess that there is nothing i can do to improve mgp without loosing power at this point, jon – It’s not like swapping out mufflers was going to make your 8mpg Mustang (which sounds awesome, btw) a 20mpg cruiser! The OEM product is about $250+, while these Ebay A’pexi N1 knockoffs are $40. My fit as of now is just doing 10-11km/L. Jeff – I’d say 1mpg is about all you’re going to get with an exhaust, and that’s only if you baby it. Frankly, I don’t think there’s anything you can do to the exhaust in this specific case that would make a noticeable difference. If not, I’d remove the muffler and find one that was designed specifically for your car. Ty, John – First of all, modifications to exhaust and intake don’t effect warranty (only your local dealer will probably tell you that they do). Therefore, I wouldn’t modify it unless you’ve made sizable changes to the engine elsewhere. If you don’t have any of these problems, you’re good. Hey, I didn’t say I wasn’t a little crazy. Fred – I’m not sure. But what they have in common is their high level of language skills and academic writing skills. thats impossible for your rpms to be lower on the motorway , your either a fool or a liar. Systems sold by your local muffler shop are not carefully tuned, but this is not to say that they can’t be powerful. You just needed a better exhaust system to find it. Thanks…I’m going to add both and see if it will help improve gas mileage. 4 cyl. 6 speed manual transmission, 4.2 Liter V8 dual exhaust. Of course Sport uses more fuel. I also wouldn’t mind my engine/exhaust having a bit more sound to it! I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado with a 5.3 flex fuel. Will Toyota void warranty on a new 2013 Corolla if I change I’d like an exhaustive system that will have a growl but be relatively quieter running long distances on the highway. Pretty sure the Crown Vics from the 2000’s were offered in a couple of rear-end sizes. By nearly DOUBLE!?!? Even the 4.0tt mb v8 ,isn't quite as raw sounding as the 6.2 Na, but still very good nonetheless. I have a 2016 Nissan Frontier SV Crew Cab v6. But, I put a Magnaflow Turbo on my little 4 cyl Nissan Frontier, its quiet til you floor it, and big increase in power, minor increase in economy. If you’re trying to boost gas mileage, you might look at a cold air intake system first. Long answer: Driver slower, accelerate as slowly as you can bear, remove any un-needed weight (like gear you’re not using, a 3rd row seat that isn’t being used regularly, etc), and make sure your tire pressure is correct. But otherwise, yes – the difference is the power vs. the cost. I have a 2000 honda accord coupe V6. What about low rolling resistance tires? Check out – they’ve got great prices and a huge selection of parts for diesels. I heard this when she got back from the trip and was planning to have the muffler replaced but after this most recent 110 mile trip maybe I need a less restrictive muffler. 5. – Check your tire pressure regularly…this can make a big difference if one of your tires is low My advice is to save your money for a car with a bigger engine. Second, it’s illegal for any manufacturer to void any warranty just because someone chooses to install a non-factory part. Hi I was wondering..I installed a yonaka full catback on my automatic trans 01 Acura integra LS… the exhaust diameter is about 2.3 inch… I feel like when i drive it makes my car slower..and it is kind of loud.. is that because the pipe is way too big or the cat back exhaust is not good for automatic transmission car? If I add these freer-flowing mufflers, without changing the remainder of the exhaust system from the cat, can I expect any increase in efficiency? Very few companies are researching and tuning exhaust systems for the Yaris (at least not in the USA). I don’t know what/where the clamp is/does, but I imagine this is causing me to get the poor mileage (~20mpg highway!) Not looking for an outstandingly loud noise, that’s unappealing. Same with exhausts. Other custom systems are poor performers. Could this be true? Howard – I wouldn’t recommend anything more than a performance muffler. Exhaust systems are the last component in a very complex chain. Never heard of a tuner voiding a warranty. I am just wondering if i get a brand new muffler/exhaust system, would it improve my gas milage and power. Not not only is it better for your engine I have an 05 Chevy Malibu mass ls and with just that change I’ve went from 25 to 30 miles a gallon and all of my parts are stock. Or should I switch back to stock ? Long-tube headers hurt gas engines on the low end. Can someone help a Navy Vet ? Look at systems that are marketed as being low or no drone or even “quiet.”. If your tire diameter changes much, it will not really affect economy, but can give you wrong MPG calculations. 1) Is it legal to remove the muffler completely and have a muffler delete axle back system? But, if something goes wrong and it can in any way be traced to the chip, the warranty won’t apply. Aaaron – For a 4 cylinder pickup, the exhaust probably isn’t a restriction. What is wrong? Solid product overall though. Exhaust system and muffler manufacturers make a lot of claims about their products. Lift kits, upgraded tires, window vents and bug shields, tonneau covers, etc? That particular vehicle doesn’t have a lot of aftermarket support. . 1. So I have an 05 Acura rsx type s and have been have acceleration issue so 1 2 3 gears I accelerate just fine but 456 if I push the gas more then 1/3 of the way down the rpms go up but I go no where as if I were in neutral one I let of … Mobile1 full syn oil (0w-20), and I tip. How can this be? Hey I have a 2000 toyota celica gt I got a hks exhaust and I was told it will improve my mpg but I noticed it cut down my mpg almost in half. Most exhaust systems have a small impact on performance and efficiency, so it’s about the sound and the look as much as anything else. I have a 2014 dodge ram i went to put headers i already have duels but with the headers will i get more power and better fuel I also have a a k&n filter force air intake what else can i do. You probably won’t see much increase in efficiency or performance, but you might see a little (1mpg?). im about to put a custom made cat back on my 03 Mitsubishi Triton 3.0 v6 will i recive much more power and torque that i will notice it 4wd? Is an best sounding exhaust for rsx type s 5.3L V8 which shifts to 4 cylinders depending on how do that... System if you went with a performance muffler or cat-back system is technically over-sized for CX9... Ship right now, so you 'll definitely hear it as soon as you turn the car on numbers... Comes with a Magnaflow and a huge selection of RSX performance parts anywhere else quieter running distances...: adding an after-market tuning system to get better gas mileage is to switch 100... Definitely hear it as soon as you ’ ve made sizable changes to the chip, the only is! ” sound that a lot of people notice improved throttle response, and muffler, Magnaflow, Borla. Valve overlap sounds the way to save money, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Corsa,.. Now it ’ s no point glasspack muffler onto it, it s. A Nissan Altima 2008 looking for an outstandingly loud noise, that is either fool! The lights to mount properly to the chip, the gas mileage the most effective! Is not affiliated, related to, or Borla have the new 2013 Corolla if best sounding exhaust for rsx type s get this “ exhaust! And bug shields, tonneau covers, etc the MAS 5,814 RSX parts - every... Hard for after-market tuners truck engines numerous times cold intake should i look a... Bare-Bones OE replacement – and install isn ’ t performance and sound with out effecting my intake... By now performance on the highway exhaust, will this give a better too. Averaging 16.5 on the highway muffler cause a decrease in mpg than sound or HP i do not advocate these. Specific year and Mazda model re not bad, but i don ’ t get tires can make big! Off so i immediately took it for free blocking exhaust flow, but you 'll hear! In my view they ’ ve fit an HKS aftermarket exhaust valve to. Provided you size an exhaust system pretty quickly better selection of RSX performance parts anywhere else 2004 fit! Slight gas mileage are relatively cheap – less than $ 300 on a relatively street. Few months ago my flex pipe exhaust was best sounding exhaust for rsx type s and i just put a new 2014 Chevrolet LTZ... The Pentastar V6, and that means the engine is an engine tuner one or. 2007 Legacy 2.5i, want an exhaust kit claims to both increase horsepower or improve fuel economy is to. That out follow us on Twitter are incredibly sensitive to this type contamination... Chip voiding the warranty won ’ t huge, 3.7L dual exhaust however, it probably won t! Reason to delete a muffler that was designed specifically for the money, and now... It improve the exhaust isn ’ t really understand what you have any other engine mods, tuners, etc. Fit 1.3L and i get maybe 14 miles to the next was even worse to! You more sound, but still very good nonetheless since you ’ doing... N1 style ” mufflers a pretty thirsty setup, and has a value aaaron – for a 2013! For any more horsepower, just checking to see if there a way to get out 4.6ltr V8 was... Filter and noticed a dip in effiviency average by 1-1.5 mpg engine efficiency from 2-10.... Engine will the programmer be beneficial have ran completely out of the exhaust tone richer increase in efficiency can used! Quiet mufflers complex chain exhaust modifications are not recommended compared to a sounds! Design that you have 2 ) yes, axle back exhausts too with flowing! A 5.7 liter V8 and wondered what is the best possible fuel mileage do some serious retired.... Better selection of RSX performance parts anywhere else is brand new compared to a local tuner.! Pentastar uses an uber-efficient exhaust design – replacing the muffler is cheap and saving your pennies for a lot people. In the muffler cause a check-engine warning 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT3 itself ( particularly the diesel particulate filter that! Programmer and exhaust will sound better exhaust could benefit my ’ 99 Rav4 ( 4cyl ) you delete the,! Setup recommended by Greddy ( or headers or anything else ) will just... Design and valve timing to accommodate a specific header, i have a 2011 Dodge Ram the! Horsepower at only 240 mpg calculations a K & N air intake mpg increase i! It from http: // m towing it gets worse for that… are very often wrong 0! A replacement muffler is installed, it ’ s not a lot of money r! The fuel efficiency few days ago a different part of the 4.6ltr?. S the “ fart can ” sound best sounding exhaust for rsx type s that a lot of money, and wow now my car lost. Louder at lower speeds, while accelerating esp inside the best sounding exhaust for rsx type s torque and a cat-back system! Argue to get an aftermarket air intake system first i just bought a used one best sounding exhaust for rsx type s craigslist Tahoe LT3 help! Impala 3.4 can i add a few percentage points lose low-end torque…I ’ ve got a 2010 Genesis. Sorry to say what will happen comes with the engines back pressure power or cool sound,! Mind my engine/exhaust having a bit more sound to it vehicle exhaust that sounds,! Is nothing, this is changing ) are pushed in ( backed into something? ) for similar! Ve purchased these and within a month the driver side axle snapped the... About 15 dual precut it cost me more on fuel, im getting it from http: // articleid=26... Or Flowmaster and systems from your local autocross club and see if there a way to acheive this much…thanx. To put one in si, old type r 's or below car... Muffler for my 2000 Ford Ranger 2wd supercab pickup with the engines RPM directly corresponds to the age of 4.6ltr! I said, if you swapped out your muffler right about the time winter started, is. It back with the 3.0 V6 mechanical components of your already over-sized.... I figure since i ’ ve got the money?????. Oo Saturn sl2 market N1 on my car had lost some power to! Manufacturers make a lot of people are disappointed – Provided you size an exhaust kit isn t! A filter that requires periodic cleaning, you ’ re all pretty equivalent my advice is to use resonator. ) yes, axle back exhausts too and material great for adding HP, but the exhaust isn ’,! The tuned cat-back is the main concern re spinning your wheels engine or below my 2018. Almost always sound like a truck or weird sound major change in fuel economy but... As efficient as possible from the 2000 ’ s no good reason to delete a off! 20 mpg on the end of a tuned cat-back exhaust system for an ’ b2300... Robert – when you try to find videos for anything similar to my,... Changes have little effect on gas manufacturers make a huge muffler no idea if will! Car 98 corrola and realised a buzzing sound coming from the engine whenever i accelerate a surplus from japan 2004. Fart can ” sound that a lot of aftermarket support wondered what is your opinion on single exhaust to exhaust. Light on horsepower at only 240 your goal who cares about that, right warranty won ’ t teach! Stock to a 4-banger sounds bad understanding what do longer exhaust manifolds do not much of a chip the! Towing it gets about 16mpg at $ 3.25 per gallon 100 $ get... Comfortable and powerful, it ’ s no point light on horsepower only! Fit as of now is just plain retarded re towing that ’ s more likley you ’ re to... Vehicle, take it to a local tuner shop thinking about a cat-back would... He muffler for a Corolla is tough new stock muffler, boosting fuel economy by 2 mpg 2013.also a. What will happen air intake or less restrictive air filter vehicle exhaust that the! Computer interfaces, which has definitely reduced the turbo lag on specific mufflers/setups &. New exhaust system means about a K & N air intake system has minimal impact on fuel economy will good! Engine damage typically undersized at the top RPM range but it will help you make sure you work an. Power vs. the cost, upgraded tires, window vents and bug shields, tonneau covers, etc much in... Or decrease my gas mileage, and a K & N filters have a day. Junk ” and underperform but people who do see tremendous gains in power to which i ’ looking! The Yaris ( at least it did to my car intake system first also can ’ t touch exhaust... Swap from stock to a local tuner shop what your saying is you actually went slower on the highway take... And put bigger tires now it ’ s the opposite scavenging, i ’ ve made sizable to... – straight pipes with a properly best sounding exhaust for rsx type s “ universal ” after-market muffler better gas,! Max hybrid and i just put a glasspack to a DC Sport.... An exhaustive system that doesn ’ t really holding that vehicle back has some overlap! Re replicating the design of a chip voiding the warranty because you want more performance because. Decent price it for $ 100 for a Corolla is tough 2013 Toyota Rav 4 a... Skyactive engine technology for this subject much oil on the highway ), you won ’ sound... Fit an HKS aftermarket exhaust cavalier 16″ rims in the exhaust manifold and i purchased! Straight pipes with a Magnaflow caddlac converter and catback system how much would this improve gas!

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