This rose was found by Katherine years later in an envelope with Katherine name and the date on it. Katherine had said that the only reason why he stayed with her was for Aunt Ben money. Clare O'Shea, Claude Sophie O'Shea Charles Stewart Parnell ( 27. juni 1846 – 6. oktober 1891 ) var ein irsk nasjonalistleiar og politikar som var leiar for Home Rule League 1880-92 … Managed by: Private User Last Updated: February 24, 2015 On Christmas Eve 1889 Willie filled for divorce on the charge of adultery against Katherine and Parnell. No doubt she spent some of that time gazing out to sea and recalling her long ago life as the “queen” of the “uncrowned King of Ireland.”. Katherine wanted Parnell to come home but he would not. Circa 1885: Irish nationalist politician Charles Stewart Parnell is represented as a terrorist Mr. Hyde, preparing to bully prime minister Gladstone into accepting Irish Home Rule. Managed by: Private User Élete. The crowd was estimated at 200,000, but did not include Mrs. Parnell. document.write('